Software as a Service

Use our platform to manage your ROI process.


What is Software as a Service?

You gain access to the same software we use to manage the ROI process. This includes the ability for your requestors and patients to send requests to you electronically through our portal, upload requests and records into a managed system, tools to perform quality assurance on uploaded records, modules to bill your customers and track collections, as well as the ability to send records electronically (fax, portal download, SFTP, and email).


Who is this for?

This service is for medical facilities of all sizes, who would like to manage the ROI process themselves, but just need the tools to do so.

What We Offer

Patient Portal

Gain access to our portal portal, which will allow patients to submit their record requests to you securely and electronically. Requests take a matter of seconds to show up in the system, so you’ll never have to hunt and peck to see if you’ve received a request again.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance module, will help your staff catch any errors or mistakes that may have happened during the processing of the records, with intuitive controls that allow you to take corrective action before records are delivered to the requestor.

Revenue Generation

Turn your ROI department into one that will actually generate revenue. The Accounts Receivable process is completely automated with tools to help you correctly bill customers, deliver invoices, and send past due notifications.


Our Report module helps you monitor the ROI process more closely, improving your staff's organization, productivity, and accuracy.

Full Transparency

You’ll be given access to our portal, which gives you full transparency of our system and the statuses of each and every request, while also being able to run any report you may need.

Technology and Tools

Gain access to our platform which offers a suite of tools that will streamline the entire ROI process. Improve efficiency, productivity and accuracy, while giving you all the tools you need to monitor the operation, like an intuitive dashboard and custom reporting features.

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