Full ROI Service

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What is Full ROI Service?

We take care of all aspects of the ROI process. This includes hiring staff, generating the records, quality assurance, invoicing, and customer service. The entire process is taken care of by ChartMate and our staff.


Who is this for?

This service is only available to hospitals and health systems and is ideal for those who want to offload the headache of managing the ROI process. If you are a clinic or provider office that would like a similar level of service, check out our Remote ROI service. .

What We Offer

Talent Acquisition

All staff are hired, trained, and managed by Chartmate, with your final approval on all hires brought on-site. With our extremely high employee retention rate, you can rest assured that our experienced and friendly staff will be around for a while.

100% Quality Assurance

Every page of records that passes through our system is reviewed to ensure no incorrect or unauthorized records get released. Additionally, all requests handled by our staff are double checked to ensure records aren’t being released to unauthorized parties.


Our compliance team handles the tedious work of staying on top of all the current State and Federal regulations, as well as keeping track of court rulings that may affect privacy law.

24 Hour Turnaround

All requests are processed within 24 hours of receipt to ensure patient and requestor satisfaction.

Full Transparency

You’ll be given access to our portal, which gives you full transparency of our system and the statuses of each and every request, while also being able to run any report you may need.

Technology and Tools

Gain access to our platform that provides your patients with the ability to request and receive their records securely and electronically.

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